Tuesday, February 15, 2011

fool around photossssssssssss

This is my BOY who will turn three in the next couple of weeks. IT IS ALL ABOUT VVVRRRROOOM.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Cambodia vacation is almost over

We have not abandoned our blog yet but we (I meant me because I am the one who blogs) have been very busy.We have been here in Cambodia for almost six months. There are a lot of things going on. Pagna is a grown up toddler and speak a lot but unfortunately not so much Cambodian. Davis got a teaching job just to keep survive from boredom.I am very busy but learning and enjoying my practicum.
We are excited to move though.

Pagna came with nice long hair

Pagna is going with an asian look haircut

Pagna came as a diapy baby

He is now a potty trained

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Through Facebook friends, we were able to find someone to watch Pagna while we can go have my graduation banquet. I got two free tickets ao we were off and enjoyed ourselves for about two hours. The banquet was so crouwded and we could not find even a seat. What a great dinner...
The next morning, I woke up and still debating if I should go back to sleep or get ready for my graduation. Well I thought that I might go to my master but if not, that is going to be my only chance to wear the gown. So I did.
It took about two hours for everyone to line up and ready to match. I prayed hard that David would come soon enough to take some pictures. He showed up after the ceremony was over due to the misinformation from a friend. But blessed his heart.He was nice to me. He brought breafast home, ballons, sign and leis for me. And he even cleaned up the house.
Enjoy the Pictures

Friday, March 5, 2010

Two years is already gone, Pagna is a big boy now...

Ok some of you are aware what happened recently to Chile. Due the earthquake in Chile, Hawaii was also under the threat of Tsunami. It did not come though. It was on Pagna Birthday Party. Pagna did not even know what difference. But me.... I worn myself out of cleaning up the house and made the cake, my first time by the way. I went to bed exhausted and also knowing that Hawaii was under Tsunami watch. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ it was about ten minutes of deep sleep, David woke me up. I said " NO I already brush my teeth". He told me Hawaii was under Tsunami watch which means tsunami was on her way to dance hula. OK it was 3am. The TV said they would put siren on at 6 am and started to evacuated people to higher ground.But the expected time was 11:30 am. We gathered everything and were ready to go. But instead we stayed home eat Pizza that was supposedly for the party. We sung and cut the cake for Pagna. Poor boy...

After all, the tsunami did not come. People come back home and went to sleep. Well we made up for Pagna by still have little gathering with Friends and neighbor. Play and eat. Our day turned out to be not too bad at all.

Pagna is " SOLID". That what the doctor said when we have his two years check up.
Pagna is speaking a lot. I cook soup for him. I said it is hot(temperature) he said it is spicy. He knows when to ask "who is that" and " what is that". Not too long ago, his uncle Matt was here visiting. Pagna loves his uncle. So when Matt left, he starts to call every Caucasian guy " uncle mat". He is fun of my daily scheldule now.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Once I was a bride and David was a groom....

Last weekend, we had a three days off weekend (4 days for David because of furlough Friday). The best thing to celebrating our weekend and our 3 years anniversary, we ate out for many time(Spanish, Vietnamese and Chinese). We have been very good in saving up by not eating out so far. So it was something special for us. David said " let celebrate our three year belly". We were planning to go camping but the weather did not permitted. It gets so cool in the morning. Ok I know what some of you are going to say but it is true.
Happy Anniversary My Borng.

Due to this cool windy weather like that,my very first strawberries come out. I know it just a stawberry but it is my first time plant it and see it bears fruit.

It is about five months to go... We will be out of here. I have been here too long. I do love Hawaii and I will surely miss it but it is too small.It would be funnier if I know how to swim. well I will learn how to swim sometimes soon. We will take off from here to Cambodia for about little less than six months and we will join with the Eckles ohana in Washinton for Christmas 2010. Wow it does sound fun.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Santa is back in town...

Aloha everyone..
I have not blogged for such long time due to my busy schedule but now it is break time. Pagna is growing so fast. He speaks like non stop now. He is very good in sharing with little kids (not too much with his kids at his age). He always invites the kid next door over and plays with him.
Few weeks ago, there had a strayed cat around our apartment.He loves playing with the cat.every day he got up,opened the door and called out "maow, maow, moaw". He even gave away his food too. Sadly the RA took the cat away. We went to the zoo and aquariom. He LOVES the petting zoo. He doesn`t like be too close to the animal but loves to touch them or he said " No touch" means he does not want to touch the animals.
Last sememster, my friend and I had worked out on our school scheldule that we could swich our time to care of our kids. Kaipo is her boy who is nine months older than Pagna. They have grown closer. They played together very well.
Today we had a very lz christmas. We were planning to go hiking today but luckily we went yesterday. We won`t able to go anyways because it is snowing oh I mean rainning. Pagna got a CARS flee blanket and an air plane. David and I went see Avatar in 3D and treated ourselves with spanish food dinner. Anyways, I am so sorry that we did not have time to make any greeting card. But our wishes go to all of you. Merry Christmas and Happy New year